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Jan 25 2017

Walk Your Way to Better Glutes With These 3 Tips

Originally Written By: Alex Allan, RKin, CES | 


Recent research has shown that walking on a treadmill can increase activity of your glutes—if you do it right. Use these three tips to walk your way to the booty hall of fame.


1. 5 Degrees of Incline.


A 2014 study from the Journal of Physical Therapy Science focused on the amount of incline needed to maximize the connection to the upper glutes. They found that 5 degrees of incline was the sweet spot. Zero degrees provided too little stimulation, and 10 degrees led to other muscles compensating to maintain balance.


2. Ankle weight with 1% of Body-weight.


In a study by Jeong et al, the researchers found that activity of the gluteus medius muscle was significantly higher during use of an ankle weight representing 1% of body-weight compared to 0%. The muscle activity during gait with the 2% of body weight load was higher than during gait with the 0% vertical load, but lower than during the gait with the 1% vertical load.


3. Walk fast and swing your arms.


A final study by Shin et al measured the left lat(low to mid back) muscle activity and right gluteus maximus muscle activity of subjects while they walked on a treadmill at speeds of 1.5 km/h, 3.5 km/h and 5.5 km/h. The results showed a significant increase in lat muscle activity with a treadmill speed of 5.5 km/h compared with 1.5 km/h and 3.5 km/h. The gluteus maximus muscle activity significantly increased in the order of 1.5 km/h < 3.5 km/h < 5.5 km/h.

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