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Ina Benkova is a Registered Dietitian and Weight Loss/Health Coach with expert training in sustainable weight management from a leading obesity medicine physician in Canada. She has experience working with numerous clients; helping them achieve significant weight loss in a healthy and customized way. 

Ina leads with compassion and creates solutions that reflect the needs of each individual. Her goal is to equip you with evidence-based tools and strategies to lose weight and keep it off for the last time, using long-term mindset development and sustainable behavior change. 

Her nutritional approach is tailored specifically to active people who are looking to get the most out of their new or existing fitness programs from the Registered Kinesiologist team at the Kin Studio.

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Real World Weight Loss

Most of us are not training for the Olympics and we don’t live in a bubble. That doesn’t mean we can’t lose weight, increase muscle, and look/feel great! Our nutrition programs at the Kin Studio support fitness, healthy habits, and goal setting that caters to life in the big city of Toronto. We factor in family events and social gatherings to make sure you can live your best life-while achieving meaningful long-term goals and patterns. You’ve got this!


To provide a total weight loss solution to active people who are looking to feel stronger, leaner, and incredible in all of the new outfits that we know they will buy as they reach their goals. 🙂


Compassion is key, but accountability is necessary. We help you set attainable goals each week, and support you in achieving them.  We tailor our nutrition to both your fitness goals and your life demands. We make sure you have a custom approach. No cookie cutter plans here. 


To see you succeed! We love to help people live their best lives and reconnect with the most important person in that life-You!

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All of our weight loss dietitian services are VIRTUAL/ONLINE. We make accountability easier.


Registered Dietitian For Weight Loss-The Kin Studio

What Makes Us Different?


Kinetic means “Energy From Movement”. We design our programs for active people-not elite athletes. We offer practical, habit forming guidance that is both effective and sustainable.  Our nutrition approach is perfect for anyone over the age of 40 who is looking to lose weight and build lean muscle while balancing the demands of a regular life.  If you are looking for a total weight loss solution that you can fit into your lifestyle you’ve found us!


Many insurance providers offer $500 per year or more to cover Registered Dietitian services. This can be a great way to cover the cost of our jumpstart program. Regardless of coverage, our programs aim to deliver tons of value and are the perfect compliment to your new or exisitng fitness program!


Jump-Start Program: $540
– Comprehensive Initial Assessment and Plan (1 hour)
– Personalized approach catered to your specific health & fitness goals (with recipes and full grocery lists)
– 4 accountability check-ins (30 minutes)

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Momentum Program: $270
Keep your momentum going following the Jump-Start program and continue developing your goals with guidance and accountability.
– 6-week email access to the Registered Dietitian with flexible booking for accountability check-ins
– 3 accountability check-ins (30 minutes)

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Best Life Program: $900
You are ready to live a life of food freedom that you have always wanted by creating a life-long behavior change that will transform your relationship with food and help you lose weight and meet your fitness goals for good so you can focus your energy on the things that matter most.
– 20-week email access to the Registered Dietitian with flexible booking for accountability check-ins
– 10 accountability check-ins (30 minutes)
– Invaluable tools, resources and handouts
– Add-on (for first time clients): $150 – Comprehensive Initial Assessment (1 hour)
– Add-on: $35 – Personalized 7-day meal plan (with recipes and full grocery lists)

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This is a complimentary 15-minute session where Ina will listen to your story, discuss your goals, and answer any questions you may have about the process. Then she can get you started on the first steps forward toward living your best life through real-world nutrition! 

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Phase 1:  Jump Start Plan


Our Base Plan to get you set up and moving in the right direction 

  • Fully Virtual to save time/reduce stress
  • Initial intake and assessment
  • 4-6 Weeks 
  • Essential to jumpstart weight loss
  • Customized to life and fitness goals
  • Perfect add on for 28 day fitness program
  • 4 Accountability check ins

Add On A:  Momentum Program


Next Level: Build on your success from Phase 1

  • Fully Virtual to save time/reduce stress
  • 6 Week Ad On-takes weight loss to next level
  • Ideal for those looking to lose 5-10 more lbs
  • Must have completed Jumpstart Phase 1
  • 3 Accountability check ins

Add On B: Best Life Program


Full solution: Long-term sustainable change

  • Fully Virtual to save time/reduce stress
  • 20 Weeks
  • Ideal for those looking to lose 20+ pounds
  • Full support for long-term change
  • 10 Accountability check-ins
  • First-time clients ad on assessment/meal plan costs

28 day life changer fitness program

Find out which Toronto fitness programs are supported by our weight loss Nutrition plans. Combine them both to get a complete solution!

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