Functional Training for Fitness/Sport

Functional Training has become a buzzword in the Health Industry over the past several years, but many people still aren’t quite sure what it means. At The KIN Studio, we define a function as having adequate stability, cardiovascular endurance, strength, power, agility, and freedom of movement to optimally perform all of the tasks that your life and/or sports demands of you without significant limitation from injury.

Our Functional Training system helps you to achieve these goals. This Functional Training program is highly individualized and starts with an initial consultation and assessment. We take a detailed health history, discuss current levels of activity and future goals, assess all of the qualities of function mentioned above, and set up a plan. Our programs follow logical exercise progression and safely challenge the body to adapt. A home program is to be expected and helps speed up the results of the training.

When clients combine workout sessions with a conscientious nutrition plan, the physical results are fast and noticeable. The benefits to following The KIN Studio Functional Training plan are increased core stability and strength, reduced effort and discomfort during everyday activities like climbing stairs and carrying groceries, improved sports performance, higher physical strength and energy, and a feeling of reduced stress.

Injury Rehabilitation By Kinesiologists

THE KIN STUDIO specializes in the treatment and management of muscle injury and joint pain. From tight necks and achy shoulders, to sore backs and injured knees we work toward finding the most effective exercise based solutions to move you past injury in the safest way possible.

Your program is based on one of the most comprehensive musculo-skeletal assessments in the field today. It will not only address the site of injury, but will also correct the patterns and muscular relationships that contributed to the injury.

Each program is completely tailored to the individual for maximum results. We offer one of the best collaborative rehab systems in the city. We transition you seamlessly from our in-house Physiotherapists (for acute injury treatment) to our advanced Kinesiology services; balancing the body and getting you back to the sports and/or activities that you love to do.

Whether you want to return to sport or simply walk without discomfort, we can help to get you there. You can count on us to do everything we can to support you through the injury rehabilitation process.

Learn more about our sports injury solutions here.

Our “Beyond Physio” Program

 Our Registered Kinesiologists bridge the gap between Physiotherapy and Fitness by getting you off the table; progressing clients past “clamshells” to get them up and moving toward function and strength in the safest, most efficient way possible. We offer a comprehensive assessment that looks at the body as a whole and establishes the level of strength and stability that you have reached through your work with the Physiotherapist. We then take over; moving you toward strength and increased function by applying precise strength training and corrective exercise tecniques. We will give you a thorough assessment, advise you of your treatment options, come up with a customized plan for you and start working immediately on getting you back to your goals while managing your symptoms!

Soft Tissue Release For Trigger Point Pain [STR]

All KIN Studio practitioners are certified in Soft Tissue Release or STR®. This manual therapy technique was created by Stuart Taws and taught in Canada by Athletic Therapist Jim Billota. Jim describes Soft Tissue Release (STR) as a dynamic, highly effective technique that has an immediate and powerful effect on muscle and connective tissue. STR is a combination of Myofascial Release, Therapeutic Massage, and Active Assisted Stretching.

STR is an effective tool in rehabilitating acute injuries, correcting poor posture and fixing muscle imbalances. It is ideal for those with high levels of life stress who are looking to reduce tension and overactive muscles, and can also be used to improve recovery in both competitive athletes and recreationally active people. Soft Tissue release is manual pressure applied by the Kinesiologist to a trigger point (sore spot) found in specific muscles on the client’s body.

As the Kinesiologist releases the sore, tense area, the client is instructed to actively move the body part and lengthen the muscle under slight resistance that is provided by the other hand of the practitioner. At the end of each repetition the muscle under tension is released and gently stretched; further increasing range of motion. Soft Tissue Release can be done statically on a table or dynamically on the gym floor during exercises that target problem areas.

Results often obtained quickly and permanently.

KIN Sport

Youth Athletic Development (Ages: 14+)

Every athlete wants to perform at their best, and every parent wants their child to be safe. At The KIN Studio we strive to satisfy both of these needs with our Youth Athletic development program. We start by correcting muscle imbalances and stabilizing the core. Then we increase flexibility and optimize movement. Once the base is built we develop the athlete with focused Strength and Conditioning workouts that are beneficial and specific to the athlete’s sport. Our unique system fills in the missed steps by developing a complete base of stability and strength and then builds on that base; helping our clients safely reach peak performance levels in their sport.