Weight Loss In Toronto Starts With Your Brain

Oct 25 2017

Weight Loss In Toronto Starts With Your Brain

As I write this post there are countless Torontonians snacking on veggies, salads, bunless burgers, cayenne pepper infused maple syrup and a host of other “diet foods” clutching to the method du jour in a fresh attempt at weight loss.  Weight management is hard. It takes discipline and consistency in order to fit into that pair of jeans, push the scale needle to the left or achieve a weight loss goal that many dream of.

The ultimate fear is failure. Nobody likes to fail at anything, let alone a weight loss plan. If fear of failure is the issue, then why do countless people striving for weight management in Toronto sign up for programs with nutrition plans that are impossible to follow for an extended period of time?

Trying to lose weight in Toronto is even more challenging when you add the stress and limited time available to most busy professionals who are trying to make a living.  We eat when we are stressed. We eat when we are bored. We eat when we are sad. Heck, we can find many reasons to make poor dietary choices when the impulse to snack hits our brains.

The important question is what can we do to control the behavior and impulses that feel satisfying in the moment, yet make us unhappy after the fact? Enter CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  Becoming conscious of the the thoughts and feelings that drive our impulses and understanding where they come from can lead us to pause and make positive choices through supportive thoughts that aid in achieving long term goals.

With the help of a CBT Psychotherapist it is possible to increase awareness of what derails us and what we can do to make better choices around food..not diets.  When it becomes about making better daily choices, fear of failure becomes obsolete. It moves from win or lose to win or learn.

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