Sports Injury Clinic Toronto

Injury Rehabilitation

THE KIN STUDIO specializes in the treatment and management of muscle injury and joint pain. From tight necks and achy shoulders, to sore backs and injured knees, we will find the most effective exercise-based solution to move you past that nagging pain or acute injury in the safest way possible. Our Registered Kinesiologists and Physiotherapist, will help you get past those acute injuries and aches so you can get back to your daily activities

How Our Process Works

Our process begins with an intake session where we look at your general health history, listen to you about the specifics of your injury, address any concerns or considerations you may have, and learn about your unique lifestyle.  In other words, we take the time to learn about you as a whole person. We will then guide you through one of the most comprehensive musculo-skeletal assessments available. 

First, our Physical Therapist will conduct tests specific to your injury and then identify the way your entire body behaves around the injury.  He/she will then look for the root cause of the problem; a solution to the larger riddle that is your body. We understand that many parts of your body can influence the way an injury originates, operates and progresses over time. It’s all connected.  During this assessment, we often evaluate posture, functional movement, core stability, balance and specific muscular strengths and weaknesses.

After the assessment we will advise you of your best treatment options, come up with a customized solution that is unique to you and your needs. We will then start working immediately on getting you back to your goals while managing your symptoms.

From The Table, To The Floor, To The Sky

We offer one of the best collaborative rehabilitation systems in the city. We transition you seamlessly from our in-house physiotherapists (if you come in with an acute injury) to our advanced Kinesiology services; balancing the body and getting you back to the activities that you love to do.

When you come to the Kin Studio with an acute injury, our physiotherapist will work with you to make sure you have full range of motion, adequate stability, decreased pain and no neural symptoms. In other words, the physiotherapist will make sure that you’re stable before progressing to a more demanding exercise program.

Next, using the precise and innovative science of Kinesiology, our Registered Kinesiologists will work with you to get you strong, progressing you to the point where you can perform the daily activities that your injury stopped you from doing. Whether the goal is return to sport, the ability to perform daily chores and movements, or simply to complete your job demands without discomfort—we’ll take over and help you get where you want to go.

What sets us apart

There are thousands of physiotherapists and hundreds of injury rehabilitation clinics in Toronto. At The Kin Studio, we understand that making a health-related choice is a complex matter. Because we understand that, we work hard to create an exceptional experience for those in search of injury rehabilitation.

We take pride in the fact that we focus on solutions, not services. Your body is a riddle and we see your injury as a temporary obstacle in the way of a more permanent solution. Our solutions focus heavily on manual therapy and exercise prescription. We won’t hook you up to a machine and go for a coffee.  We are involved, committed and focused on you.  Our exercise recommendations are built in a progressive way. You’ll start with small, focused exercises to stimulate the nervous system and re-connect you to your body. Then when you are ready we will safely build up to bigger standing exercises that are more functional and demanding over time.

Our progressive, exercise focused approach to your injury rehabilitation can retrain your brain to re-connect with healthy movement, body awareness and the lifestyle demands that matter most to you.

We don’t chase symptoms and give you short term fixes; we’re all about long-term solutions. That means that our work doesn’t end as soon as you stop feeling pain. By looking at your body as a whole, we want to make sure that we move you toward a long lasting fix that is supported by strength and proper movement.

Our Studio Environment

We work hard for you. We strive to maintain a relaxed and friendly environment that supports serious clinical work. We take the clinic out of clinical experience and replace it with a studio that is welcoming, friendly and comfortable.

Trust, interpersonal connection, rehabilitation work performed in a positive environment are all important factors in the healing process. At The KIN Studio we value the human experience and constantly work to support you in your process. Our clients trust us because they know that we not only care about their goals but we care about them as people.

The team at Kin Studio is a close-knit group of positive individuals. We try to share this energy with our clients every day. Once you become a client at Kin Studio, you also become a part of our family. We believe in an integrated team approach guided by the philosophy that a positive, supportive environment can optimize the recovery process. You are on our team and we want to see you succeed.