Personal Trainer Near Forest Hill

If you are looking for an elite private fitness studio near Forest Hill, the KIN Studio is here! We are a team of dedicated Kinesiologists with extensive personal training and fitness backgrounds who are ready to help take your fitness to the next level. Our Yonge and St Clair personal training and Kinesiology studio is convieniently located minutes away from Forest Hill. What makes us different is the level to which we analyze the body and address injury, fitness level and program design requirements.


Our personal trainers are Kinesiologists that will do a detailed assessment to identify muscle imbalances as well as weaker areas in need of attention. We will also assess your core strength, posture, functional movement and mobility. Once we have gathered all of your specific information, we will create a detailed personal training plan and start the training process at our Yonge and St Clair location.


Our fitness studio is well equipped and has been offering personal training to those in Forest Hill for over a decade. Our personal trainer/Kinesiologists will create workouts that combine strength training, corrective exercises, and soft tissue release when needed. Click the button above to book an appointment, or go to our homepage at for more information about our services!

Personal Training Near Forest Hill