Exercise Focused Physiotherapy For Knee Pain Yonge And St Clair

If you are looking for relief from nagging knee pain in the Yonge and St Clair area, The Kin Studio would love to help. We approach Knee Pain Physiotherapy in a hands on, exercise focused way. Our Physiotherapists will assess your knee issue and then make recomendations to our expert Kinesiologists who will apply the Physiotherapy information to the results of their own detailed Kinesiology assessment. This collaborative process will both identify the isolated issue, and also help to problem solve the origin of the problem and the areas in the body that need to be balanced in order to take pressure away from the affected knee joint. Our team is excited to help get you back to the activities you love by applying our unique approach to exercise focused Physiotherapy. We are conviently located in the Yonge and St Clair area. Click the button above to book your first appointment, or surf our menu above for more info!

Physiotherapy For Knee Pain Yonge And St Clair