Weight Loss At Yonge And St Clair

If you are looking for weight at Yonge and St Clair, we can help. Our unique program combines evidence based personal training by Kinesiologists, with top level nutritional programming from our expert network. We use movement and resistance training to support individualized personal training programs that progress you toward your weight loss goals. Our studio is located across from the St. Clair subway station, and just one short block east of Yonge and St Clair.


Our weight loss training system uses high intensity interval training and other evidence based workout methods that are matched up to each individual’s fitness level and injury history. We also combine soft tissue release and core stabilization exercises to reduce the chances of injury when applying weight loss and calorie burning programs. If you are looking for weight loss in the Yonge and St Clair area, you can click the button above to book an assessment, or click the main menu to check out our homepage and contact us to chat about how best to approach your weight loss goals.

Weight Loss At Yonge At St Clair